Tuesday, September 10, 2013

★ The iPhone 5S, 5C & Other News!

NEW VIDEO: The iPhone 5S, 5C, AdBlock and Other News!

Between the Apple event this morning and the new updates from AdBlock we have some really influential tech news this week.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

★ NEW VIDEO: Viral Video Fake & GTA V Official Trailer!

In this video I debunk *half* of a video that has gone viral this week and give you some gaming news too.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Real Tony Stark?

★ NEW VIDEO: The Real Life Tony Stark?

In this video I take a few minutes to tell you about a man by the name of Elon Musk which a surprising number of people have never even heard of. Elon Musk has been rightfully compared to and called the real life Tony Stark straight out of the Iron Man movie series.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Death Penalty - Matt's Opinion

In this video I’m going to be answering a question that for some reason you guys really want me to answer, mostly on Twitter, but I thought giving my answer in 140 characters would actually sound sarcastic and heres why…
The question: “what is your opinion on the death penalty.”

I am against the death penalty because like others it’s against my personal morality, but not because I just think it’s wrong… but because I think it’s not enough. I just rather have someone rot and suffer in prison for the rest of their life than give them the (what I consider) get out of jail free card.
In my view there are some things like rape and cheating on someone. Yes really. I’m not currently in a relationship, though you can hit me up on Twitter and change that… lol. But before I go off on that tangent now, what my point is, is that I’d rather be murdered than find out someone cheated on me and hopefully vice-versa. Bottom line is, I just rather have someone rot and suffer in prison for the rest of their life than give them the (what I consider) get out of jail free card.
Either way I’d love to hear what your opinion on this one is, so leave a comment down below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and ask them as well.

Racism Over $38,000 Handbag? BOOM OPRAH

Oprah faced a little case of racial profiling on her trip to switzerland last week when going into a high-end shop by the name of “Trois Pommes” where she was denied taking a look at a $38,000 alligator skin hand bag an employee. Obviously unless you live under a rock you know that ms Winfrey can in-fact afford this handbag making over $77 Million every single year.
“I was in Zurich the other day, in a store whose name I will not mention. I didn’t have my eyelashes on, but I was in full Oprah Winfrey gear …I go into a store and I say to the woman, ‘Excuse me, may I see the bag right above your head?’ and she says to me, ‘No. It’s too expensive.’” – Oprah Winfrey
Now what would I have done? Walked out of the store, came back a while later while there was hopefully another employee manning the store and buy EVERY SINGLE bag in the store. But Oprah’s a billionaire isn’t she? Make that buy the entire store, hell buy the entire franchise! In the video I bring up a great quote by Morgan Freeman which says “How do we stop racism? Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man, and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man” which when it comes to race, I try to live by, which is why you won’t see me bring it up or cover stories about it that often. When we have a story that revolves around race I think it’s important to bring it up to help people realize that racism is a real thing and still exists today, but at the same time not harping on it for weeks, months or even years to come after the story is released.

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Top 15 Facebook Profile Picture FAILS

Last week I made a video showing you guys some of my top Facebook post fails (which you can watch HERE) and you guys loved it. So this week I’m showing you something even worse; Facebook Profile Picture FAILS.

Top 10 Facebook FAILS

s most of you know I hate Facebook and haven’t had a personal profile there in years. Mostly because half the people I know don’t talk to me anymore because I liked the wrong thing, clicked the wrong button or violated some other non-sense unwritten rule of Facebook… Well today I decided to use the stupidity of Facebook to my advantage and made a video of my Top 10 Facebook FAILS.
Check out the video below, and I’ll also add the images under it to read for yourself.